Emerging technologies. Emerging realities.

XELEVEN is a Metaverse and Web3 studio. We use our experience with 3D software and full-stack blockchain development to build immersive metaverse websites. We have also assisted many brands in building generative NFT collections and 3D content.

The founders, Aaron J. Cunningham and Stacie Ant, first became involved in the blockchain industry in 2014. They have worked for several notable blockchain companies and metaverse projects, such as Nike, IOST, CoinSquare, Musee Dezentral, Sadu, House Of Persona, and many more…

Stacie Ant is an artist who specializes in 3D. Her work has been featured in Vice, LA Weekly, Vogue Italia, Vogue Hong Kong, Vanity Fair, DJ Mag, Faze, NFT NYC, and many more…

Aaron J. Cunningham is a full stack blockchain developer, specializing in 3D metaverse technologies like ThreeJS and WebGL. He has spoken about blockchain technology at the Google Campus in Warsaw, Poland and The Chainlink Headquarters in Berlin Germany. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vice, and many more…

Xeleven's mission is to harness the power of emerging metaverse technologies to enrich people's online experiences.


Former Clients:

Adidas - Nike - The Face - NXT Museum - Zero10 - IOST - CoinSquare - Musee Dezentral - House Of Persona - Bauhaus Earth - Adrianna Hot Couture - Zizou Clothing - Young Fashion Minds - DJ Hell - Tornado Wallace - Dinny Skip - Mr Eff (Burning Witches Records) - The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings) - Helsinki Fashion Week - Alana O'Herlihy - Sadu - The Fabulous Downey Brothers x B52s - Klypi - Tremors TV - Monomango - Plantskul - Flipp Dinero - Audrey Nuna - MF Doom - Lim Kim - French Pirates - AK Sports - Walter Van Beirendonck - Lin Pesto - WIA - Italo Bitches - Sameheads - The Moonbaby - CHAiLD - Eugenie - The Moon King - Evangeline Donatachi - KausEffekt - NoName Shoes - BrawHaus - DeTrek - Partiboi69 - Grant - Hey Charlie - The Crowlies - Isla Beauty - Object and Animal - Sony Music - Universal Music - Therapy Berlin - RaveSpace


Former Publications:

The Wall Street Journal - Boiler Room - Vice - LA Weekly - Vogue Italia - Vogue Hong Kong- Vanity Fair - DJ Mag - Faze - CBC - Screenshot - Elephant - Animation World Wide Network - Reality House - Blank - Tush - Hart - Chimera - It's Nice That - Tongues - Coeval - FeltZine - DTK Men - Verluxe - Curated by Girls - L!fe - Azucar - Milkweed - Akimbo - Pittsbrough City Paper - V - Now - Mishka


We started a podcast to interview digital artists, and people working in web3, blockchain, and the metaverse.