X001 Podcast Studio As We Are

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jess Conatser from Studio As We Are.

Jess is a curator who is seeking to find new ways that web3 can empower artists. She is particularly passionate about empowering female artists, which is reflected in her work curating Women Of The World.

An excerpt from the show!

“I am an independent curator and the founder of Studio as we are primarily, my work aims to really support and cultivate voices in crypto art, space, and new media art space. I really focus on accessibility, public art exhibitions, and special projects, and we collaborate a lot with art fairs and galleries now institutions, which is very exciting and brands when it makes sense and we’re really web3 curious and super into that and working with as many artists in the other space as possible, but also maintaining an eye on like a traditional digital art space as much as possible as well.” ~ Jess Conatser