WordPress API Bauhaus Earth

Wordpress API Bauhaus Earth bauhaus erde

We built an immersive site for Bauhaus Earth, that uses the WordPress API on the backend.

React and NextJS on the front end, and WordPressApi on the backend is really a match made in heaven. You have the features of a fast single-page app on the front end and the ease of use of WordPress on the back.

Why choose the WordPress API?

For us, it’s all about simplicity. By using WordPress for the backend anyone can quickly add new content to the site.

Any time new content is published on the WordPress backend, NextJS automatically rebuilds the site into a statically generated website. In layman’s terms, this means that it can be read by search engines like google, and your pages can rank for content that is on the pages.

This technique is a great way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). The content also loads much fast than a normal WordPress site and one could also argue that it is safer.

Faster loading content also improves your SEO and overall user experience.

Who is Bauhaus Earth?

Bauhaus Earth, also known as Bauhaus Erde in German, is NGO with a focus on sustainable architecture.

“Our goal is a future where our buildings, cities, and landscapes proactively contribute to climate restoration and have a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.” ~ Bauhaus Earth

If you have an interest in the environment, architecture, and innovative solutions to climate restoration then please visit their site to learn more.

It was a real pleasure for our team to help them tell their story with an immersive website.

Their site is almost 100% customizable by the team, who is able to upload new team members, articles, events, job postings, and partnerships all through a WordPress backend.

We would love to build a site like this for you. Please contact us at