Browser-based Metaverse Spirit Realm

browser-based metaverse
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Introducing the Spirit Realm, XELEVEN’s own multiplayer browser-based metaverse! Our aim is to revolutionize storytelling through the use of cutting-edge Web3 technology.

At XELEVEN, we specialize in utilizing innovative technologies like Web3, WebGL, and browser-based rendering to bring unique online experiences to life. The Spirit Realm is just the beginning of our journey, a project built entirely by our team with a vision to change the game.

What is the Spirit Realm?

Why settle for a metaverse that mirrors reality when you can imagine a world beyond it? That’s exactly what we did when creating the Spirit Realm, an alternate dimension inhabited by spirits. Unlike other metaverses that replicate real-world spaces, we wanted to bring something entirely new to the table.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also developing a short film to accompany the metaverse, with new chapters being added regularly. Our community of NFT holders will have the power to vote on the direction of the story, and as the film evolves, so will the metaverse, with new sections being built to mirror the changes in the movie. Join us on a journey to an imaginative world beyond our own.

How did we build our browser-based metaverse?

We used a novel approach to build the colliders, the objects in the metaverse that tell the players where they can and can’t go. The way it is designed we can upload any 3D GLB or GLTF file, and the colliders are built automatically.

Now that we have built all of the technology behind this we can easily build new metaverses for our clients.

Why did we choose a browser-based metaverse?

Building a browser-based metaverse comes with its challenges, but the benefits far outweigh them. Our main focus is accessibility. With a browser-based metaverse, anyone can easily visit the Spirit Realm from a phone, tablet, or desktop. This direct interaction with the browser also enables us to include URLs.

Although our team at XELEVEN is eager to explore VR experiences using UNITY in the future, our passion for the web drives us to create immersive web experiences for now. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can build a metaverse for you, get in touch with us at Let’s bring your imagination to life.

We also create a collection of NFTs to accompany our story.

Our generative NFT collection?

Our creative director, Stacie Ant, designed the metaverse and our generative NFT collection.

By creating many variations in the characters that each exist in their own layer, we were able to run a script to create 5000 NFTs each with a unique set of characteristics.