Our Team

The foundation of our team is a duo that has worked together since 2016. Stacie Ant and Aaron J. Cunningham, first met in Toronto while working together on an immersive video project.

Since then they have worked on many projects and eventually solidified their partnership into what is now XELEVEN. They also work with a large network of digital artists, creative coders, curators, and developers.

Who is Stacie Ant?

Stacie Ant

Stacie Ant is a digital artist and Creative Director.

Stacie’s work spreads within several mediums; 3D animation, Augmented reality, and web3 projects.

In recent years, she collaborated with numerous fashion brands including Adidas, Nike, and Adrianna Hot Couture. Her personal work is exhibited internationally, including at Miami Art Basel, Kraftwerk Berlin, Milan Fashion Week, and South by South West.

Who is Aaron J. Cunningham?

Aaron J. Cunningham

Aaron is a developer who has a background in both art and technology.He specializes in building full-stack metaverse and web3 projects.

He is now focused on building immersive experiences. He has over 8 years of experience in the blockchain industry and has worked for IOST, CoinSqaure, and RaveSpace.