Nike Metaverse With Tiffany Calver

nike metaverse tiffany calver the face
Tiffany Calver inside our Nike Metaverse

We had the pleasure of working on a Nike Metaverse for the campaign they did with Tiffany Calvar, a well-known DJ from London.

Our creative director Stacie Ant built two worlds that reflected Tiffany’s past and present. The first world is a recreation of her bedroom where she began her journey into Djing. The second is a future she imagines where she is djing in a magical alien world.

Who is Tiffany Calver?

Tiffany Calver teamed up with Nike to release her own shoe. The metaverse we built was part of the launch and promotion of this shoe.

“At just 27 years old, Tiffany Calver has already made an indelible mark on the music industry. From her first show on the airwaves at NTS’ broadcasting studio in Gillett Square to opening sets for international hip-hop stars like Drake and Jay Z, for Calver, the only way is up.” ~ The Face

How did we build the Nike metaverse?

One of the challenges of building immersive browser-based experiences, like this one that we built for Nike, is that you have to optimize every 3D model, texture, and shader to perform well in the browser.

WebGL is the language that allows the browser to render models. Although this technology is amazing, it is not as fast as rendering 3D graphics with a desktop or mobile application, or gaming console such as a PS5.

Because of these limitations, our digital artist Stacie Ant had to use creative problem-solving to work within the confines of WebGL.

For example, when rendering one frame for an image or video, it’s not uncommon for each frame to take several minutes to render. In a browser-based animation such as our Nike Metaverse, or our Spirit Realm metaverse in order for the experience to be smooth it must render 60+ times per second.