signature-based minting smart contract

signature-based minting smart contract
An NFT from our Spirit Realm collection

We used an innovative new technique, called a signature-based minting smart contract when we launched our Spirit Realm NFT collection.

Our 5K NFT collection, is used as a gate to access special channels inside our Discord server. In these channels, the community can vote on what happens next in both our metaverse and the animated movie.

Remember the choose your own adventure books that you read when you were a kid? We wanted to use Web3 to create one of those but as a movie and a metaverse.

Why did we use a signature-based minting contract?

Our intention with this choice was to stimulate the growth of our online community. People who follow our Spirit Realm Twitter profile can claim a free NFT from our collection.

All of the checks are done programmatically through both the Twitter API and the ThirdWeb API.

In the future, we plan to do similar drops. The new NFT drops will use the signature-based minting smart contract to see if someone already holds one of our NFTs. If someone does hold one of our NFTs in their wallet they can claim a free NFT.

What are the benefits of a signature mint NFT drop?

We see this as an excellent way to reward community holders.

NFT communities are a little like an upside-down triangle. The top is the Web3 community, they really steer the direction of the NFT project.

The contract we used also has a lazy mint function (read more about that in our other article) so the fee for minting is paid by the minter. This is also a great way to deal with the initial cost which can be involved when minting a new collection.

If you would like to learn more about how we created our signature-based minting smart contract please contact us at