Virtual Art Gallery

Virtual Art Gallery
Our New Metaverse Art Gallery Inside Spirit Realm

We added a virtual art gallery to our Spirit Realm metaverse and invited some of our favorite curators to host shows in the metaverse.

Why did we build a virtual art gallery in our metaverse?

We wanted to invite curators and artists that we love to work with to showcase their art inside our metaverse. We thought it was a great way to involve our community in our virtual world.

It is really amazing to us that this technology exists, that allows us to curate shows with artists from all over the globe.

To us, the metaverse is all about connection, and connecting artists through virtual art shows, was something that wasn’t possible until now.

For each show, we host an artist’s walkthrough where we have each artist speaks about their piece. In today’s world of disposable, scrollable art, it’s nice to pause for a moment and hear a bit of the story behind each artist’s piece.

How did we build our metaverse gallery?

We built it so that we can easily update all of the art and deploy it very quickly.

Our metaverse is built with Next.js. React, and Three.js, a browser-based rendering engine. This allows us to quickly load all of the content into the browser and render the experience on the client side. The world and gallery were built by our creative director Stacie Ant.

To learn a bit more about how we did this, you can read this article by our CTO Aaron J. Cunningham.

Would you like to curate a show in our online gallery?

We would love to connect with anyone interested in creating a show in our online gallery.

If you have an idea for a show and would like to pitch it to us, please email